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Dr. James O. Davis - Guest Speaker 11.23.14

Dr. James O. Davis will be our guest speaker this Sunday. This is a service you do not want to miss! 

Dr. James O. Davis is founder of Cutting Edge International and the Co-Founder of Billion Soul Network. The Billion Soul Network is a growing coalition of more than 2,000 Christian ministries and denominations synergizing their efforts together to build the premier community of pastors worldwide to help plant five million new churches for a billion soul harvest. Cutting Edge International and Billion Soul Network, consist of more than 475,000 churches.

Service Times
9:00 A.M.
11:00 A.M.
Childcare will be provided for both services.

K.D.C. Dream Declaration

Make this declaration over your dreams! Share this with all that you know and come in contact with. 

Villa Rica Prays 2014

Please join us for Villa Rica Prays!  For more information, contact us at  (770) 459-3600 or  Hope to see you there!

Love is Calling

This month we will call nearly 5,000 residents of Villa Rica to ask 3 basic questions:

1. Are you currently attending a church?
2. Is there anything we can pray with you about?
3. If you are not attending a church, would you come to a service?

We are NOT interested in pulling people away from their home church, we are, however, seeking people who want to know Jesus, those who don’t go to church and those looking for a church home. As part of our community, we who seek God’s Kingdom must do everything possible to expand the reach of Jesus. And this is the next sequence in our mission.

The calls will be brief, cordial and will only take a few minutes to record any prayer needs you may have.

In the spirit of reaching out, today is a good day to invite someone to the church where you fellowship. Surveys sug- gest that most people would go to church if they were only asked. As this is one of our duties as Believer’s, to help the Body of Christ by asking someone to join you this Sunday AT YOUR CHURCH. And be sure to follow up with them to obtain details about what they liked, didn’t understand, or felt about the experience.

The idea behind doing this is two (2) fold. God is Love. (1 John 4:26) God loves people. (John 3:16) We should therefore, follow Him as His children by loving God and by loving people. To love people like God loves them, takes God. For that matter to love yourself like God loves you, takes God.
God plans to use those who have received His love as Plan A. By the way, there is NO Plan B! Someone shared that with us. The Born Again Believer is the only option for spreading the gospel. Sure, God uses signs in the sky, dreams and visions and more, but at the end of the day, God uses people.

This is why you read in the Bible statements like, “I AM the God of your fathers...” (Acts 7:32) If we had just met and as part of the conversation, we discovered that we knew some of the same people and that we were close, those relationships would create common ground.

So why is love calling? The answer is simple. Love has to call. Love calls more than once. God, who is love, calls us to be rescued, after we are committed and into eternity. The deeper we allow His voice to enter our inner world, the more we look and sound like Him. God is calling through blood moons, miracles, job promotions and in emails.

The calls we are about to make are but an extension of His love. But it doesn’t stop there. God is calling us individually to be His personal Text Message. He wants our life to be like a Twitter account where in a few words we simplify the complicated. He is calling us to reach others and make it easy to find Jesus. We should give the best tips at restau- rants, and be the most forgiving people in Georgia.
Make the call today. Be love on the other line. Let’s work together in preparation for the return of the Messiah!

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