Kingdom Dominion Church was founded in 2008 in Villa Rica, GA by Pastor J. Calvin Tibbs.

At Kingdom Dominion Church, Believers are encouraged to do two things:

1. Get involved.
2. Stay connected.

If you would like more information about Kingdom Dominion Church, please call (770) 459-3600 or email admin@kingdomdominionchurch.com

Here are a few comments from our members describing why they belong to Kingdom Dominion, followed by reasons they serve:

 KDC is biblically based.
 Atmosphere of love is shown.
 Pastor is touchable.
 Pastor involves everyone from the front to the back in some kind of ministry.
 Pastor flows freely in God without a set program.
 You will learn how to live a life of excellence in Christ.
 You’ll experience a sense of belonging, love, and a lot of laughter.
 You will get good training in whatever God has created you to do.
 The Praise & Worship is Holy Spirit lead.  It’s amazing!
 So you can see how valuable you are to God and to us.
 To be a servant in the kingdom of God.
 Free to exercise your gift.
 Renewed mind. I have the mind of Christ.
 My trials make me strong.  I am a winner.
 There is support in serving God as a single woman.
 A place that focuses on your personal relationship with God rather than your gifts or talents.
 A place where the Holy Spirit has freedom.
 The gospel is preached in a way that addresses the issues of today.
 Opportunity to be a part of something bigger than yourself.
 God’s hand is upon it.
 A place of miracles and deliverances.
 A place to get in the game and off the bench with God.
 The ties of religion are broken.
 The opportunity to step into the spiritual ways of praising God is present.
 KDC is not stuck on growing in numbers, but finding and reaching ways to your next level in the Spirit.
 Understand and receive the manifestation of what God has for you.
 Rid yourself of the grasshopper mentality while realizing you really can do all things through Christ.
 Walk boldly at the soul level, walking away from old habits.
 Operate in power in the things of God.
 Learn the ways to battle in spiritual warfare.
 Learn patience and humility.
 How to walk in being an heir and learning the difference between truth and deception.
 Learn the path of freedom; no more chains of fear, doubt or deception.
 Know the truth.
 Ask yourself the hard questions and give honest answers.
 Allow the Holy Spirit to take control of your life.
 Have a wonderful married couple template to follow.
 Know a First Lady that is approachable, kind, loving, beautiful and a perfect example for women to follow.
 Have a Pastor and First Lady that are easily accessible.
 Learn what truth really is.
 Identify the areas of your life in which truth needs to be applied.
 Identify the enemies of truth.
 Learn to consistently operate in excellence.
 Identify and rid yourself of excess baggage.
 Learn what God expects from us.
 Learn the reasons your soul is not prospering.
 KDC is a place where life lessons are learned.
 KDC is a place where kingship qualities are gained.
 KDC has good fellowship and great praise and worship.
 KDC members have a one on one insight to God.
 KDC has a Pastor whose agenda is God’s agenda.
 Angels inhabit and watch over the physical building.
 KDC is a miracle happening church.
 Our pastor lives what he preaches and teaches.
 The truth and nothing but the truth is taught and tolerated.
 Healings happen at KDC.
 KDC is constantly moving in the direction of God.
 KDC has an awesome Children’s Ministry.
 KDC exhibits the true spirit of family and has many smiling faces.
 KDC is a church full of worshippers.
 KDC members are ready to take on the shadow of God.
 KDC members are on one accord with each other.
 KDC’s agenda is God’s agenda.
 KDC has a Pastor with the heart of David.
 KDC is an interactive church.
 KDC members experience continued learning through weekly homework assignments.
 KDC members are encouraged to repent daily and without delay.
 KDC members experience a firm yet gentle approach while being corrected.
 KDC members are encouraged to speak the Word.
 KDC members are taught to decree and declare the Word of God.
 KDC members have fun.
 KDC is a place that challenges you mentally and spiritually.
 KDC is place where hearing from God is normal.
 KDC is a place where the word is shown and not only spoken.
 KDC is a place to join because there is no place like home.
 KDC has a Pastor that only follows the leadership of God.
 It is a latter day church. The home of the remnant. The five fold ministry in action.
 Dedicated to its commission to be the glory of God, providing that there be no lack.
 No pre-judgment, pretense, or motives other than love.
 KDC is orchestrated by the hand of God, built upon the foundations of a servant’s heart.
 If there is relationship, wisdom, truth, or honesty to be sought, it will be found here.
 The presence of God always greets you.
 The Pastor is touchable and annointed.
 Up-to-date technology.
 Great family environment.
 It’s not church as we’ve known it; services are controlled by the Holy Spirit.
 The ministry makes you feel wanted, welcome and needed.
 You learn your place in God’s Kingdom, what you mean to the Father and His desires for you.
 The ministry propels you into being the church when you leave the sanctuary, because the message of Christ is alive and activated within you.
 The ministry is a family, we love each other and we fellowship with each other.
 We learn to express the gifts that God has placed within us.
 The ministry helps us to develop and use those talents that God has blessed us with.
 We receive excellence in teaching the word of God and the ways of Christ Jesus.
 We are assisted in having an authentic walk with Jesus.
 At KDC it is clear that church is all about Jesus and not the local Pastor or leadership.
 We see and experience how authentic prayer changes and redirects our lives for good.
 We know that membership at KDC is NOT a “spectator sport”, you must get involved!
 Each service is directed by the Holy Spirit, not by a predetermined program.
 Jesus is lifted up and exalted in all that is done.
 KDC never has church as usual.  One never knows how God will move in the service.
 The love of God sets the atmosphere for visitors to feel welcome and accepted.
 The Father keeps giving glimpses of the things He has in store for KDC and we are privileged to be on the ground floor of this great work.

Active Members are those who:
 1. Have confessed Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.
 2. Understand that they have been called to assist with fulfilling the vision.
 3. Have completed member training and life enrichment courses.
 4. Have committed  to working in one or more of the KDC ministries.
 5. Help grow and strengthen the ministry wherever possible.
 6. Commit to financially supporting the ministry through tithes and offerings.

Membership at a church is secondary to relationship with Jesus, and service is a natural by product of that relationship. Nearly 70% of the members at Kingdom Dominion Church serve in one or more ministries.

100 Reasons We Serve:
 1. A reasonable service to God.
 2. I take pleasure in serving.
 3. It’s an honor to be a part of God’s Kingdom.
 4. To help change lives.
 5. Because I am a servant.
 6. Because I am called by God.
 7. It’s my reasonable service.
 8. I am obeying God.
 9. To help others.
 10. Out of love.
 11. It feels good to be a servant in the House of the Lord.
 12. I love children and I think showing them at a young age is great.
 13. I want to be a good influence.
 14. I want to be a part of God’s Work.
 15. I like it.
 16. It makes me feel good!
 17. Respect, honor and appreciation for God’s anointing.
 18. I love the Lord and belong to His Family.
 19. It is reasonable to serve the Savior in His Work.
 20. My thankfulness for the gifts He has placed in me.
 21. It’s honoring His Name.
 22. It’s praising His Name.
 23. It puts a smile on god’s face that you’re doing the right thing.
 24. Opportunity to respond to God’s love.
 25. Demonstrate my reliance, dependence and trust in God.
 26. It makes me happy.
 27. Because helping His church is helping Him.
 28. It’s my way of saying Thank You.
 29. Because God called me to serve.
 30. To help serve the church.
 31. Because I’m going to get blessed.
 32. Because God gave me a gift to help.
 33. The chance to volunteer in an area I enjoy.
 34. Bonding with church members.
 35. To utilize the gifts God has given me.
 36. To bless him and others by using what He has blessed me to do.
 37. It is a pleasure to serve.
 38. To care for God’s House.
 39. To be a servant.
 40. To help.
 41. I am worshipping Jesus.
 42. I am loving Jesus.
 43. It is easy if you think about Jesus.
 44. It’s nice to learn new objectives.
 45. I love Jesus.
 46. Because God wants me to do it.
 47. It’s fun.
 48. I love people.
 49. To show God’s love to others.
 50. The chance to help others and learn how to communicate with God.
 51. For the opportunity to show love to God and others.
 52. As I grow into an adult, God grows me up spiritually and trains me as a gift.
 53. To see God’s grace toward others.
 54. To encourage others.
 55. To show the love of God and let Jesus shine forth.
 56. To help others.
 57. It is an opportunity to be used.
 58. It is fulfilling to serve.
 59. So I can share the Jesus in me with others.
 60. To learn and grow stronger and wiser in God.
 61. To build relationships with people.
 62. I want to be employed by God.
 63. Being obedient to God’s calling on my life.
 64. Give back to God for all He’s done first.
 65. To be a blessing to others.
 66. To honor God.
 67. To give Him my best.
 68. To operate in love.
 69. Because I know God is happy with me.
 70. I enjoy serving at this level because I love teaching children about Jesus.
 71. It is rewarding to see children get it and understand.
 72. I am obeying what the Lord told me to do, which is to serve.
 73. Honoring the Lord.
 74. Serving His people.
 75. Sowing my time.
 76. It’s the natural thing to do.
 77. To interact with people.
 78. To impact other lives positively.
 79. It fulfills a need in me.
 80. It’s a joy seeing others blessed.
 81. To help the children I serve be closer to God.
 82. It’s fun and feels good knowing I’m doing something great for the Lord.
 83. Giving to others.
 84. To benefit the Kingdom.
 85. The excitement of helping others.
 86. Feeling the love.
 87. To assure that the House runs in order of how He intends.
 88. I get a feeling of self-worth and value.
 89. Serving is a blessing in our families lives.
 90. Giving back what was given to me.
 91. To spend time with others servants and form a brotherhood through Christ.
 92. Because He is my Father.
 93. Because I am His son.
 94. Because He loves me.
 95. Because I love helping the Lord’s people.
 96. Helping God’s people is like helping Him.
 97. God designed me to be a blessing to others.
 98. To help others with the help I have been blessed with.
 99. I want to be like Christ and He served others.
 100. I love sharing the God in Me with everyone I can in.